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My younger son finished his season last night with a second loss in their double elimination tournament. This spring was a major achievement for him. Although he played fall ball back in 2012, this was his first full spring season of playing baseball. You normally don’t expect boys to take up the sport at the age of 13 which is how old he is. They usually take it up at a much younger age. But, my husband and I have the philosophy of letting our children choose to do something and not making them do it just because everyone else is. For that reason, we waited until he and his older brother expressed interest in taking up the sport. They both had to learn a lot on their own, and I think it meant more to them because they did so. I heard my younger son’s coach last night say he had improved a great deal since the beginning of the season.

Now, on to the actual game. The team we played spent the first part of the game outscoring us. It was a situation where the boys on my son’s team could have given up. But, they didn’t. They started hitting towards the end of the game and were able to score several runs although it wasn’t enough to win. That tells me they have learned the value of persistence which is always a good value to have. I know persistence will serve them well as they seek to improve on their game this summer and on anything they do in life. Congratulations on a good season!!