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Now, before I write anything else, let’s get one thing out-of-the-way. Today’s topic has nothing to do with what people usually take the word intimacy to mean. I don’t even know what I would write if I wanted to write about that. 🙂

No, today’s topic has more to do with being true to yourself. In the few years that I have been writing seriously again, I have used writing in one part of my life while putting the other parts of my life over to one side while I write. So, my life has been in parts, and my writing has been fragmented because of it. What has been amazing to me though is that people have told me that my writing has touched them even though it has been fragmented. With the steps I am taking today, I am hopeful that it will touch even more people. My plan is to take the two halves and make them whole considering all the parts of my life and experience during the times I am writing and creating.

The biggest part of this is going to be acknowledging my faith as I write.  I am a follower of Jesus Christ, a Christian. Now, you will notice I did not say that I go to such and such church although I do. In my opinion, the biggest problem with Christianity nowadays is that people don’t live their faith. They don’t have a relationship with Jesus Christ. Their faith is contained in the four walls of the church, and they don’t go anywhere else with it. The world sees people who claim to be Christians not doing what they’re supposed to do which is love people in Jesus’ name. I’ve read the debates; I’ve heard the arguments on just about every topic that Christians argue about among themselves and with others who are not of the Christian faith. I think that is sad. God is supposed to convict. God is supposed to judge. We, who are Christians, are only supposed to love people in Jesus’ name.

That is the biggest reason I am making these changes. I want to show people Jesus’ love through my writing, through my stories. This doesn’t necessarily mean every story I write is going to be a specifically Christian story though I know God wants me to remain open to the idea. What God doesn’t want is for me to hide who I am anymore. I used to be afraid of being condemned, afraid of not being liked. I think that comes from unrealistic expectations from my younger years. But, no more. I’m going to do what I should have done a long time ago.  The two halves of my personality are going to be united into one, and I’m going to share from the deepest parts of my soul. Stay tuned to the blog for further changes.

Until next time, be real!