I’m continuing with my month of prompts this morning.

Today, use all of your senses to paint a word picture. Pick an everyday
item. Describe it using five visual descriptions (what does it look like?), four
tactile descriptions (how does it feel?), three audio descriptions (how does it
sound?), two olfactory descriptions (how does it smell?) and one description
about how it might taste.

We have a tradition in my family of getting a box of fried chicken every Saturday after grocery shopping is completed and pairing it with Hawaiian rolls. The other sides we get differ. Sometimes, it’s mashed potatoes; sometimes, it’s mac and cheese. But, fried chicken and rolls are always a staple on Saturday afternoons. There are several places around town where it is available, and I think we’ve tried them all. When we go to one of the good places though, it usually has a certain appearance. The chicken is golden brown with crinkled skin to show where it has been fried. I can also see bubbles where the oil has merged with the skin and the chicken. When I peel away the skin, I can see white meat just waiting for me to sink my teeth into. Each bite brings me closer to the bone which has a gray appearance.

Picking up the chicken allows me to experience the roughness of the texture which is there because of the way the chicken has been cooked. Chicken which has been cooked a different way doesn’t feel the same when I pick it up. I also can feel the grease in the skin which gets on my hands and mouth. Sometimes, it feels hot if it has just come out of the oven. I can also feel the hardness of the bone underneath the skin and the meat.

I don’t think hearing food is something we usually think about, but there are sounds that come to my mind when I think of fried chicken. The first is the popping sound it makes when it is cooking or being reheated in the microwave. I took some of the leftovers to church for lunch yesterday, and I remember hearing those sounds when it reheated. I can also hear the skin crunch and the meat gurgle as I eat it.

Smelling food can evoke all kinds of memories. It can bring good memories to mind or bad ones. I like the smell of the skin as it cooks and the hardy, homelike smell it brings to my home as we begin eating.

And finally, the best sense of all when it comes to fried chicken–the sense of taste. The feel of the skin on my mouth, all of the spices combined together, brings a cacophony of music to my mouth filled with good family times and traditions.

Hope everyone has a great day!