Another title for this entry could be ‘why there should be a break between the first draft and subsequent drafts of any piece you’re working on’. Due to circumstances beyond my control, I’ve not looked at the first draft of the novel I finished last year in almost a year. There were many things robbing my focus off of my writing, but that’s not the point of this piece. I looked at my novel this morning and realized something. It’s going to need a lot of work if I ever want to make it into a piece that is publish worthy.

Editing is a tough thing. It’s not the process of creating that an author goes through when they write their first draft. It’s the process of honing what an author has created. It’s the process of making it better. I need to figure out whether this novel is edit worthy or whether I should move on. But, any piece I write needs to be edited. It needs to be made better so the people who read it can see the best of what I have to offer as an author, to see the best of the words I have inside of me.

Have a great day!