So, I am back after a one month break. It was a good break as I was able to reflect on why I write, why I enjoy putting words together. And I paid attention to the people and things around me for my inspiration. Did I get all the things done I wanted to get done? Well, no, but isn’t it usually how that works when you take a vacation?

Anyway, we are into December now which is always a very special month in our family. Between now and the first part of January, three of us have birthdays. That makes the holiday season very busy as we try and make sure each birthday person has a special day between all of the celebrations for Christmas. 

But, Christmas actually celebrates a birthday too. It celebrates the birthday of my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. I could go into the history of how the holiday came about, but that’s not what I want to do today. In an earlier paragraph, I said that my family tried to make the birthdays this month special for each person when it was their day. What do we actually do though when we celebrate Christmas? We buy presents for each other and for ourselves. We get into fights in such places as Wal-Mart or Target or Best Buy to get the particular item we want at a bargain price. Is that what we have turned into as a society? I could almost understand this type of behavior from people who don’t claim Christianity. But, there are those who are Christians who do the exact same thing. I think it is sad.

It is not all sad though. There are many people I know and many people I don’t know who don’t make the season of Christmas about themselves. They have the spirit of giving which is how I believe Christ would want us to celebrate His birthday. He would want us to think about others and not ourselves. He would want us to consider our relationship with Him if we claim him as Savior. These are all things I’m going to do this year as I celebrate the Advent season with my family. This year has been such a year of renewal in my own life–with bad times and good times. The one thing I know for sure though is whose I am. I am God’s daughter, and He is my Lord and Savior! I wish all of you a joyful Christmas season!

Hope everyone has a great day!