I saw some disturbing statistics earlier about reading and thought I would expound a little bit in my blog post this morning. The statistics spoke of how 1/3 of high school graduates and just over 2/5 of college graduates never read another book after graduating. There were others though that disturbed me the most. One was that almost 3/4 of US adults had not been in a bookstore in the last five years and 4/5 had not bought or read a book in the past year. The first set of figures is in line with what I’ve heard from other sources, but the second set of figures is kind of more than what I expected. Don’t know how close they are to being true, but how sad if they are true. There is so much wonderful material being published nowadays for people of all ages. I would hate for some of it to sit out there and remain unread because no one sees it to buy and take home and read. 

But, my question was, ‘Why is no one reading anymore?’ I think a big part of that is the expansion of media. Not only do we have television shows to watch, but there is a plethora of things to read and do on the Internet which means the time available for reading books would be reduced. Now, I would be hypocritical to say ‘get rid of all things on the Internet’ since that is the way I’m reaching you for this blog post. What it comes down to though is a matter of choice. People are choosing to consume television and other forms of electronic media to the detriment of books. Whether electronic books thwart these statistics remains to be seen.

Hope everyone has a great day!

Statistics quoted from http://www.patheos.com (blog post, August 12, 2013).