This thought came to me earlier while I was reading my devotion, and I realized it also had relevance to the writing part of me. I had been caught off guard at the Bible study I went to last night when someone talked about another member of our church whose faith had come to the forefront during a bout with an illness. I had noticed that she was smiling and always positive, and I thought to myself that maybe I didn’t have as much faith because I was feeling sad about a couple of different things. I woke up this morning still feeling sad and went to read my devotion. As I was writing in my journal, a thought came to me, and I wrote it down. It was, “Belief is deeper than feelings, and just because you feel sad about something doesn’t mean you believe any less.” I use my journal to write down my prayers to God since I communicate with Him better that way. I’ve been able to ask a lot of deep and honest questions over the last few months about my faith which has helped me tremendously. 

Now, how does this relate to writing? I have found that, with writing, you have to believe in yourself and the reasons you are writing. The feelings you get when your writing is rejected or when you don’t feel like writing on a particular day for any number of reasons need to be pushed aside to keep on writing. Believing in what you are doing can give you the strength to go on when it doesn’t seem like you should because of what you are feeling. 

So with my faith and with my writing, I need to remember that feelings are temporary while beliefs are at the core of who I am.

Hope everyone has a great day!