One year ago, I wrote about the miscarriage I had had the year previously. I spoke of how I was sad, but also, of how I was moving on. A year later I am still sad on this day. I remember what happened with completely clear recall. If you want to read about the day I had my miscarriage, go to the very first post I made in this blog. (Inside a Writer’s Soul–5/30/12) 

I don’t think my family will ever forget this day. If I had carried to term, our family would have become a family of five instead of a family of four. I think my sons would have been great big brothers.

I’ve branched out a lot in the past year especially in talking about my loss. It’s something that happened, something that I hurt over, and something that is necessary for me to talk about. It’s just a natural part of me. The online loss community has been a great resource in this area. I’ve also gained the courage to do something I wouldn’t have been able to do last year. I am organizing a balloon release and time of prayer for families in my church who have also experienced losses. October is Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Month, and I felt convicted to do this. I’m finally at the point where I can comfort others who have experienced the same loss I have. 

I leave you with this poem.

Dear Child in Heaven

You were a blessing to us all

    you were a special child. 

And we’re so glad God sent you

     to be with us awhile.


You filled our home with happiness

    and made our life complete. 

     The time we had with you

was far too short, but oh so sweet.


Some things we don’t find easy

     to accept or understand.

Until we realize they’re a part of

     Our Creator’s perfect plan. 


     Now it comforts us to know

  you’re with the angels up above.

While in our hearts we hold you close

     Surrounded by our love.


Authored by Unknown