Every person who has ever been born has had people and society expecting things of them. Some of these can be good things because the person learns how society is supposed to work and learns the things they need to know to be an independent adult.

But, what happens when this person becomes an adult and is still trying to live up to expectations? I’m not talking about the worker who is doing what their boss has asked them to do or the people in a marriage who are doing their best to live life as a couple in today’s society. I’m talking about the person who gave up their dreams because of what others expected of them. The person who became a lawyer because it was the family profession or the person went into the military because others he knew had done it before him. Now, if that is someone’s dream, there’s nothing wrong with following after others.

What if the person though had their own dream–a dream of doing something no one had ever done before in her circle of family and friends? Just because it’s different, does that mean she should give up on her dream? Should she give up on the person God wants her to become just because someone in her family wants her to do something different? No, of course not. Doing something someone else wants to do just because they want it is not what God wants for us or wishes for us. He made all of us to be our own unique person and gave us the desires to become that person. It’s taken me a long time to realize that, but I have, and I’m looking forward to working towards my goal of becoming a better writer every day.

Hope everyone has a great day!