Change – as life moves forward in its cycle, there is always change no matter how much you might wish for things to stay the same.

In our family and in our family of faith this week, there is going to be a tremendous change. Our youth minister is leaving because he feels led by God to take a position at another church. This is someone who has had a tremendous impact on our sons’ lives over this past year. It will be hard for them, for all of us, but everyone is supporting this young man and letting him know how much he has meant to us. 

I see change as having a beneficial impact on a writer too. A writer can bring different experiences to his writing, and his writing will be richer for the experience. He can show what it’s like to live in different places; he can show the different emotions that are the result of the changes he is going through; and he can show how different people react to different changes. 

So, change can be positive as well as negative. Here’s to change making our writing richer this week.

Hope everyone has a great day!