Over the last few days, I have read a few blog posts bemoaning the lack of accomplishment the bloggers felt in not achieving their writing or other goals for the year. Perhaps bemoaning isn’t the right word. Maybe it’s just frustration. I have had those same feelings at many points during this year, and I can understand completely what the others were expressing. 

I don’t feel those same levels of frustration anymore even though it is now September, and we are now nine months into the year. Why is that, you ask? Well, first, I’ve been going through a lot this year, and sometimes it has taken a great deal of mental energy to deal with my own issues, and if I had let myself get frustrated on top of all of that, I probably would have drowned in self-pity. 

The second reason is that I have actually done a lot of writing this year. Of course, I’ve written in this blog, and I’ve also journaled. I’m working on filling my third journal now, and I can’t tell you how much it has helped me with issues from my past as well as moving towards my future.

And finally, when I began writing again almost four years ago, I had a long-term goal in mind. My children are older now and are almost grown. Within five years, my time of homeschooling them and nurturing them will be over. This is when I am planning to transition to writing more with an eventual goal of publication. 

Now, with saying all of that, I don’t mean to excuse myself. I need to be writing every day to get better whether it’s just a little or a lot. I need to develop the discipline for writing. But, I also need to remember that it’s important to just live my life and let the words come to me. I think I’ve done a pretty good job with that.

Hope everyone has a great day!