Daydreaming–it didn’t take me long to find my writing topic this morning. I read a perfect description of myself as a child from my writing inspiration book. I was the girl who gazed out the window and daydreamed. The one who had fantasies of different lives, who was invisible, who was fearless.

I’m guessing that’s why I also enjoyed certain TV shows as a child. I was always trying to rework them though, to have the show include me in some form or fashion. Didn’t realize it until just now, but those were my first forays into writing. I wish I had realized it sooner, but I suppose having a lifetime of experience is better when you start approaching writing seriously. But, even though I have this lifetime of experience now, I still daydream, and now, I know it’s a part of my job description as a writer, and it helps me craft the stories I want to tell.  

I like what Roger Rosenblatt had to say about this. “Dreams are where other people escape from reality. But for the writer, dreams are the reality.”

Here’s to living and writing your dreams today.