Here’s an interesting prompt to end the week.

“Write about losing something and then finding it.”

A few months ago, I lost my favorite pair of small scissors. They had a curved edge and worked perfectly for cutting my fingernails. My family always teased me about using them to cut my nails instead of fingernail clippers, but I told them to each his own and that I wanted my own scissors. I tore our apartment apart looking for them. I thought someone must have hidden them to get back at me, but everyone swore up and down that they hadn’t seen them. I finally relented and bought a fingernail/toenail kit at the store which included small scissors and everything else necessary for caring for fingernails and toenails.

Fast forward to two weeks ago. I had just gotten some bad news from an email and was stomping around my room in frustration. I turned around to go back towards my bed, and low and behold, there was my favorite pair of scissors lying on the floor. I stared at them in astonishment because I didn’t know where they possibly could have come from. Both of my boys came running into the room to find out what was the matter. After I told them the news, I showed them the scissors and told them where I had found them. I asked them if they had any ideas where they had been, and my younger son looked at where I had found the scissors and snapped his fingers. He said they probably had slipped out from the edge of the bed frame where they had most likely been stuck the whole time they had been lost. I thought about it and then realized he was probably right. Things had a tendency to slip down the frame, and if they weren’t big enough for me to see, I would never know they were there. It was so good to have my scissors back.

Have a great weekend!