A year ago this past May I went to my very first science fiction/fantasy festival here in Birmingham. It was the first time it had ever been held, and I loved the small, intimate feel of it. I went a second time back in May, and it had grown, but still had a lot of the same flavor.

I have been told, however, that the convention I’m heading for tomorrow is much bigger, and there will be many more people. The energy of DragonCon sounds amazing! I’m excited to get away for the weekend and spend some time nourishing my own geekiness. Not only will I have the chance to go to writing panels, meet some successful authors and learn more about the writing profession, I will also get to meet some of my favorite actors and actresses from my childhood. All of it sounds exciting, and I can hardly wait. I will update this blog next week and let you know how it went. Hope everyone has a great weekend, and if you are in the US, I hope you have a good holiday on Monday.