Read these quotes earlier and thought they were perfect to begin my blog entry today.

“To say: this is me, my truth, my world,” says Dani Shapiro about her writing motivations.”

“I write entirely to find out what I’m thinking, what I’m looking at, what I see and what it means,” says Joan Didion about the reasons she writes. 

These are similar to the reasons I write, to the way I form my perceptions of the world. When I write in my journal about my feelings, I figure out things I never knew once I see the words written down on paper. It’s funny that seeing the words versus hearing them has such a difference in my life, but it’s true. I’ve had someone tell me me my writing helps them form pictures in their mind so I guess it’s not a far stretch to say that when I see my words, the pictures of my life form into a cohesive whole. 

It’s the same way with my fiction writing. When I tell stories about other people, I draw upon my own life in the fictionalized world I’ve created. Their stories usually relate back to an aspect of my life I’m working through, and it helps me look at my own life as a writer. 

For those of you who are writers, I hope that you can find your own truth today, by looking at your words.