It’s the end of our first week of homeschool. This is usually the toughest week for everyone since we have to get back in a routine from the free time of summer. I’m impressed with how well things have gone. Both of my boys have grown a lot this year physically as well as emotionally and spiritually. I wasn’t sure though how well this would translate into getting back to a school routine, but it has been amazing. They’ve done as I asked with a good attitude and no complaining. I know there are many more days yet to come, and there will be bad days as well as good. For now though, homeschool is going well.

Now, what about my routines? They’re going well too. I’m writing on a consistent basis and doing all the other things to take care of myself as well as my home. Taking care of myself will help me do all of the other tasks I need to do. I used to take care of everyone else first, but I’ve realized I can’t do that anymore. 

I’m looking forward to this weekend. Tomorrow, my younger son turns 14. The days and years have passed so fast with both of my boys. I want to make each one of them count. And on Sunday, he gets baptized. We all share the same faith now, the same community. I know my heart will be overflowing on both days. 

Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!