I am going to use a combination of writing prompts today. Here’s the first one I saw.

                       “Write about a time you were in a jam.”

And here’s the second one.

                        “Take your notebook to a public place and spy. Write down what you see and hear.”

And here’s the combination I’m going to use.

                  Write what you see and hear when caught in a traffic jam on 280.


280 is the main thoroughfare in and out of the big city I live near. It is the bane of everyone’s existence, and ever since I’ve lived here, I’ve never stopped hearing complaints about it. Fortunately, I don’t have to be on this particular road very often during the main traffic hour. But, I do have to be on it on Wednesdays to get to church on time. This summer has been no exception. To add to the fun, there have been several Wednesday nights when it has been storming or has just been pouring rain. On one particular Wednesday, we were on the road, and my husband was inching along in traffic. I have never seen water coming down that fast, and it seemed that everyone was trying to get to where they needed to go. I looked out one window and then the other seeing people to the right and left of us. I wondered where they were going. Were they trying to get home; were they trying to go shopping; or were they wanting to get something to eat? My patience level has never been good on this road as I have always seen too many people taking chances they shouldn’t take. People were going slower on this particular day though because they couldn’t go fast. And it calmed me; made me more patient. It was funny because we ended up being late. But, when you’re forced to slow down and actually pay attention, patience will come even when you’re not looking for it. 

Hope everyone has a great weekend!