As the school year begins, there are a lot of opportunities to do things that might not be there in the summer. These opportunities are not only for our kids, but for adults too. It’s easy to say no to the things you definitely know you are not interested in. An example would be a dance class for my boys. There is no way, no how that either of them would be interested in that kind of class. 

But, what about the things you are interested in? There is so much that is worthwhile and that, especially as a homeschool parent, I want to try and give my children exposure to. Each day has a limit of 24 hours though, and within those 24 hours, a list of things does need to get accomplished.

So, how do you determine the best ways to be a wise steward of your time? For me, it is figuring out the things that need to get done and then the things I would like or want to get done. Of course, the things that need to get done should always be done first. My primary responsibility right now is as a homeschool parent to my children and a keeper of my home, and I need to do the things that are necessary to accomplish this first. After this is done, there is usually time left in my day to accomplish the things I would like to do. The question I always need to ask myself is how do I prioritize those things. Well, I have realized in the last few days that there will always be things I would like to do that just don’t fit in to this season of life right now. And when I have to tell the person ‘No, I won’t be able to do that.’, my hope is I can do it without causing offense, without degrading what the person would like me to do because I am sure it is excellent. It just doesn’t fit right now.

Here’s to being a wise steward of my time today.