With all of the other things I’ve had going on this summer, my reading has slowed down, but I finished this book a little while ago and decided to work on the review while it was still fresh in my mind.

Earth Girl is by Janet Edwards and is published by Pyr Books. It came out in the spring, but I only bought it a few weeks ago. I have enjoyed all the Young Adult books I have read from Pyr, and this one lived up to its publisher’s reputation. 

The year is 2788, and the only people who live on Earth are the people who can’t live anywhere else, or as they are called in the book, the Handicapped. More derogatory terms such as “ape” or “throwback” are also used. The book centers on a young Handicapped girl named Jarra, who is on the cusp of adulthood and trying to figure out what she wants to do with the rest of her life. She loves history and wants to prove herself equal to “norms” (people who can travel to other planets) even more so she decides to join a class of “norms” who are on Earth for a year of history studies. Of course, what happens in the book is not even remotely close to what her expectations were at the beginning.

There are so many things I could say about this wonderful book. It held my attention from beginning to end, and I’m not even of the generation this book was meant to reach. The characters were well-developed from Jarra and Fian (the main female and male characters) to Colonel Riak Torrek who appeared in just three scenes, but whose appearance was vital to Jarra’s development.  

I also thought the world development was fantastic! From the language used to the description of the history excavation sites to the reasons why humanity left for the stars, I thought the author did an excellent job of thinking of all of the elements her world would need and fitting them seamlessly into the book.

Finally, the plot kept me on the edge of my seat. Questions were asked and then not answered until later on. The big reveal at the end was also intriguing with everything else that was going on at the time. 

I give this book five stars and think it would be a good read for anyone who is interested in science fiction.