Sometimes there’s no effort at all in thinking of writing topics. The idea just comes to my mind, and I go with it. Like I posted on Friday, the words flow, and I write until they quit flowing. On other days though, it’s just an effort to get one or two sentences written. Why do you suppose that is? Mostly, it has to do with life, I think. All of us get tired of making the effort especially if making the effort is hard. Human beings tend to want things to be easy. That’s why products that promote laziness sell well.

What should we do though if making an effort is important to us? We should push past the inertia, the tiredness, the laziness and do the things that are important to us. Is there any sure-fire method of accomplishing this? Not really. Every person is different so every method will be different. For me, what has helped me recently is journaling each and every day. I’ve been putting my most private feelings and thoughts down on paper, and it helps me to get in a writing mode. I also keep in mind my reasons for writing which are many and varied, the foremost of which is that writing is a gift God has given me. What helps you all get through when the words don’t want to come?