Thought I would try a lighter topic for today. As we all know, technology has evolved tremendously over the last several years. Before the advent of computers and the Internet, the ways a writer could gain an audience were limited, to say the least. But, now, people who want others to read their writing just need a computer and the ability to set up a blog. And within minutes, people on the other side of the world could be reading what I write. 

This got me to thinking about the tools we use when we write. If you are reading this, then you know I have access to a computer and the wherewithal to upload it to the Internet. It has been great for me to have this capability because it has helped me to meet other writers that I would normally have never had the chance to meet. 

But, what about the tools which have been used in the past? A manual typewriter? Pen and paper? When I was in high school, I actually took a typing class on a manual typewriter. Now, I doubt a lot of people younger than me actually use those anymore and maybe have never seen one. I don’t. It’s much easier to use my laptop. What about pen and paper though? This is something I do use. There is something about the physicality of writing that appeals to me. Over the last six months, I have written in my journals to help me with some situations I’ve gone through. It’s neat to have those physical reminders of where I was six months ago and where I am now. I’ve had people to tell me that I am a different person than I was, but when I have those physical reminders, it’s easier to see the progress I have made. 


So, what tools will I continue to use? That’s an easy one for me. I will continue to use both–my laptop to share my writing with all of you and my journals so I can have them to pass down to my children.

Hope everyone has a wonderful day!