I was trying to think of some things I could use as categories to write about each day so I wouldn’t be cruising the endless variety of things to write about for this blog. Then I thought about what day of the week it was, and my title fit perfect with the day so, on Wednesdays, I will find a writing prompt to write about.

Today’s writing prompt is: Write the story of your life in five minutes.

Ready, set, go! When I think about my life, I think about all the places I have lived. For the first five years of it, I lived in the Norfolk/Portsmouth, VA area. Then, when my father finished college, we moved to Arlington, VA. Two and a half years later, we moved to St. Petersburg, FL. Two years after that, we moved to Columbia, SC. We stayed in SC for a while, but six years after we moved there, my father had the opportunity to move to Dayton, OH which he took. The following year, we moved to San Diego, CA where I spent my last two years of high school. After I graduated, I went back to SC to go to college. When people ask me where I’m from, I usually ask if they’ve heard of the term military brat. They usually have so then I tell them I was a computer brat since my father worked for several computer companies.

When I finished with college, I ended up staying in SC where I met and married my husband. Our children were also born in the same city. We have moved several times during our marriage too. Once, to another town in SC, once to MI where we spent four years. Then, back to SC where we lived in two towns. And finally, we made the move to AL where we are now.

A lot of people would tell the story of their lives differently, but for me it was all the different places where I’ve lived. And that’s five minutes.

Until next time, be real!