I read a story in my writing inspiration book this morning that caught me off guard this morning.  The author was talking about hearing a disturbing story about a relative. She later tried to write it down and had trouble until she told herself that she was not trying to publish the story, that she wanted to write it down. That gave her the freedom to write the story as it needed to be written. It took many drafts before she was satisfied, and the story turned into something that was publish worthy.

I think it is hard sometimes, especially for those of us writers who haven’t been published yet, to think beyond the goal of publication. It’s important though to get the stories down. I learned so much from my grandmother’s autobiography–about her life and the beginning of mine. These are things I wouldn’t have known if she hadn’t written them down. I am writing things down that are only meant for my children. It’s important to preserve history.

The thing I need to remember though is that all of my stories are important whether they are ever published or not, and I need to give myself permission to get the words down; to get the story down, and then it will be preserved for future generations to read.

Until next time, be real!