Time for a change of pace in my book reviews. Last week, I talked about how my focus on this blog was changing. This will also include the types of book reviews I write. I will continue to review science fiction and fantasy books, but will also add books of different genres.

Today the book I’m reviewing would be considered a Christian or religious book. The title is In the Eye of the Storm, and it is authored by Max Lucado. Most people who are Christian or know anything about Christianity know that God’s Son Jesus Christ became completely human so He could die for our sins on the cross. When people consider Jesus’ humanity, they usually think of when He was born or when He died, not the times in between. This book considers one of those in-between times. Lucado interweaves what he calls “the second worst day of Jesus’ life” with accounts of storms that we are all familiar with to help us realize that because Jesus experienced storms in His own life, He knows how we feel. I had never thought of it in quite that way before. During this day, Jesus finds out about the death of John the Baptist, finds out He is wanted by King Herod, welcomes home His disciples with joy and celebration, ministers to the crowds of people who have come around them, tries to get rest, but is still asked to minister, and asks for assistance, but the disciples are unable to give it. I don’t know about you, but any one of those things would send me over the edge, and all of them happened to Jesus on the same day.

I gained insight from this book because it felt real to me. Why would Jesus have not experienced human emotions? He was completely human and at the same time, the Son of God. If He didn’t understand how His creation felt, the faith I have would be a cold one, and it is not. I would recommend this book to anyone going through their own storms of life.