Today has been a year since I first started writing in this blog. In some ways, it has been the fastest year I have ever lived through, and in others, time has passed slowly. I have grown so much this year–as a writer, as a teacher, as a person. I have lost things, and I have regained things too; most especially my relationship with Jesus Christ. I read this in my devotion book this morning.

“Make a big deal out of God. Become who you are for him! Has he not transferred you from a dull, death-destined life to a rich, heaven-bound adventure? Remember, “You were chosen to tell about the excellent qualities of God.” And do so every day of your life. With God, every day matters, every person counts. And that includes you.” (Grace for the Moment, Max Lucado, pg. 319)

“To tell about the excellent qualities of God.” That told me God knows what my gift is and how he wants me to use it like I posted the other day. It is a marvel to me that I can read just what I need when I need it or that I get a phone call or an email just when I need it. But, it really isn’t a marvel. It’s God working in my life showing his love and his grace even when I know I don’t deserve it. My main goal is to show that love and grace to others so that people can see Jesus in me. I look forward to growing more in this next year.

Until next time, be real!