We’re on the downward slant for number of days until school is over, and I was thinking of the things people like to do in the summer, some of which we will do and some of which we won’t. Just thinking of the long and lazy days doing whatever I want is enough to make me lick my lips with anticipation. What kind of things will we be doing? First, of course, we will spend time in the pool. Spending time in the pool is almost a given during the hot summers in the South. We’ll also spend time practicing baseball, doing things with our friends at church, reading books, and possibly going to the beach.  I like the slower schedule during the summer. The frenetic pace of life slows down, and people seem to take more time to enjoy it.

Now, I also have goals for what I would like to accomplish. First and foremost, I am planning to write as much as I can and doing other activities that complement the writing such as editing and reading. I am also planning to get out and get to know people at our church better. Don’t get me wrong. I do enjoy homeschooling, but having time with other adults is important too.

I hope everyone has a great summer, and if you write, keep writing!