This used to be a given in our society. People respected hard work and would work to surmount whatever difficulties came across their path. There was no saying that a person deserved something just because they existed. They worked for what they received and helped those who were unable to work. The selfishness that is paramount today existed in, well, less amounts years ago, and we were more willing to help each other.

How does this translate to writing? There are some people who think their writing is good enough for publication immediately after they’ve written it. They don’t understand anything about what an editor does or what it takes to make their writing better. Putting in the hard work and effort to make their writing better just doesn’t translate for them. They think they are entitled to the benefits of publication without the work necessary to get there.

Fortunately, I know many people for whom this is not the case. They are making the effort to be the best writer they can be even through the rejections from agents and editors.  They are getting better with their craft day by day. That is my goal too. To get better, to be better at writing. So, my goal for today is to keep going; even when it’s hard.

Until next time, be real!