This spring I’ve been doing things to help me figure out who I am besides the roles that I assume. Yes, those roles are important. Some of the ones that are important to my identity include: wife, mother, friend, teacher, writer, and most especially, daughter of Christ. As I’ve been thinking and writing my way through some of these questions, I got to thinking about my voice when I write. This is what makes your writing unique to you and no one else. Just as there is no one exactly like you, there is also no one who can write with the voice that you can write with.

The trick is to find that voice. When people start to write, some of them can get caught up in the idea of writing what other people want to read so they can get published. While in some instances that can be successful, I believe the best chance to get published lies in figuring out the best way you write, or your voice. That’s not saying you shouldn’t read tips from other writers or have the best grasp of grammar you can. Directly copying another writer’s style though will seem artificial and won’t represent what you are trying to say.

I will leave you with a quote by Erica Jong.

“You must find the right voice  (or voices)…that can convince a reader to give himself up to you. Sometimes it takes years to find the tone of voice that unlocks the story.”