Several of my entries over the last few weeks have talked about using what you do in real life as fodder for your writing. I’m going to talk about one of those today.

A few weeks ago, a mom of one of the ball players on my older son’s baseball team gave me some bread starter and the recipe for Amish friendship bread. You would probably be surprised to hear that I had never tried to bake my own bread before. Well, in my new-found spirit of wanting to try new things, I decided to go for it. I grew the starter for the requisite ten days and then baked my first two loaves of bread. The loaves disappeared quicker than anything I had baked in quite some time. Of course, it does help if you have two teenage boys who are eating you out of house and home and a husband who loves to try new things. I froze the rest of the starter bags as I didn’t have time to bake anymore at that point.

I was looking at the starter bags last night though and thought to myself, ‘It’s time to see if anyone else likes my bread.’ This morning I baked four more loaves. Two are staying here while two are being taken elsewhere. It will be interesting to see if they like it as much as my family did.  Now that I’ve learned how to do something I had never done before, I will enjoy seeing how this spills over into my own writing.

Until next time, be real!