I’ve read a number of things over the last few weeks about the lack of work ethic among people of working age today–especially younger people. It’s almost as if people don’t want to put in the effort to be successful. They just want it to come to them all at once, and if it doesn’t, they sit and complain and make excuses for their lack of success. This happens not only in writing, but across the whole career spectrum.

Why is this? I think a good portion of the problem is society in general. The media show people who are already successful.  People who are not successful see these people, and since the media makes it look like no effort was extended in the path to fame, they copy these people. What they don’t realize though is by doing this, they are giving up who they are; who they have the potential to be. It’s easy not to make the effort to figure out who you are and who you want to be. People want to take the quickest road to success because, essentially, they are lazy.

By saying all this, I’m not saying I have never been lazy. We all have the potential to be lazy. I think taking away the influences that make us lazy though would be a good start. Limit the media you are consuming, take time to exercise, pursue your passions whether they are writing, playing a sport, painting, singing, etc, etc. If you have a drive or passion, making the effort to be better at it is always worth more than what the media puts out.  Here’s to not being lazy!

Until next time, be real!