In my writing inspiration book this morning, I read about how all of us need approval even the most famous of writers. It was interesting to read a quote by Ray Bradbury who is a well-known science fiction author.

“We all need someone higher, wiser, older to tell us we’re not crazy after all, that what we’re doing is all right.”

Approval is a good way to describe this. Another good way though is to have someone who encourages you, that believes in what you’re doing even if you haven’t received the accolades of the world by being published. Fortunately, I have this in my life. I have people who read what I write and give suggestions on how it could be better. I also have people who tell me that my writing impacts them in a good way–in real life and through comments on this blog. It all means a lot to me because I know I might not ever be published. If my writing just impacts one person though, I am happy to have shared my gift.

Until next time, be real!