Last night, my older son played in his last official game of the season. The tournament that his team was playing in was a single elimination tournament, and since his team lost, they will not be playing in any more official games although there might be a pick-up game or two.

Their official record ended up being 7-10, and while the world might not see that as a good record, I am very happy with how their season went. First, there was a definite improvement  over last year. While not all of the boys were on the same team last year, a good portion of them were, and let’s just say, their record was not as good as the one they earned this year. Second, they became more unified as a team. I could see where they were talking to each other and encouraging each other more, and it warmed my heart to see the group becoming unified in their purpose. And finally, I liked how all of us families interacted as we sought to encourage our children. I’m sure we have all heard stories about how parents in the stands of any kind of sports game could yell and be even more abusive than the children on the field. Fortunately, that never happened with our group, and one of our coaches told us how much he appreciated the encouragement and reinforcement of the lessons he and his fellow coach were trying to impart to the team.

While my older son is now done with baseball for the year, my younger son still has a few more games. So, there will be a few more excerpts of ‘Blogging from the Ballpark’.

Until next time, be real!