As writers, our world is necessarily self-focused most of the time as writing is a solitary profession, and we are absorbed in creating the worlds and characters of our stories. That doesn’t give us the excuse though to treat people badly. And that also doesn’t give people who are interacting with authors over the Internet the excuse to treat them badly either.

Fortunately, I’ve not experienced a lot of that personally so far, but I’ve heard stories, and I wonder why, why people are not able to treat each other decently. I have some ideas. I think nowadays in general people are self-absorbed and are focused on the next big thing they can get for themselves. Our society promotes this, at least, in the United States it does, and I think it is very sad. Why can’t people be focused on achieving and on helping the people behind them?  There are people who do that, many of whom I’ve met, but, I believe, for society to experience real improvements, a lot more need to.

Hope everyone has a great weekend!

Until next time, be real!