Time for another excerpt of Blogging from the Ballpark. Last night, each of my sons had a ballgame, and because of the scheduling, I was able to attend both of them. One game was at 5:30, and the other game was at 8:00. My younger son’s game started off well. Several of his teammates got hits, and they leaped out to a 5-0 lead. The other team then switched pitchers, and the rest of the game was more of a pitchers’ duel than anything else with each team just getting a few hits and not much change in the score. This changed though with the final inning. Mistakes started to be made, and the other team took advantage of them with the final score being 8 – 7 in the other team’s favor.

We left that game and headed for my older son’s game. There wasn’t a lot of expectation for his team to do well because we had gotten scheduled to play an A league team while we are a B league team. This was because there were only four teams available during this first week of spring break for my area, and we were the ones that drew the A league team. Sure enough, by the time my younger son and I had arrived, the game had already started, and the other team was leading 9-0. You could tell they were a good team and a team that was made up of seniors. The game went on, and the other team continued to score runs. By the third inning, they had scored 22 runs. At that point, the mercy rule came into effect, and the game was over.

Now, both of these situations were situations that ended up going badly. Do you quit when things go badly? Some people do. They don’t like it when things aren’t going well, and they don’t have the heart to continue. Did my sons’ teams quit? They didn’t. They tried their hardest even when things were looking the bleakest. I could see the comparison to writing easily as I watched them play. It can take a long time to get good at writing. It can take even a longer time to get published if that is what your goal is, but if you don’t try, even when things are going the worst, it will never happen.

Here’s to trying even when things go badly.

Until next time, be real!