I get ideas for posts for this blog from many different places, and when I saw the title of my post featured in my devotion earlier this morning, I thought, that would be a perfect thing to talk about.

So, what exactly is a servant leader? If you’re reading in the New Testament of the Bible, you would eventually get to the part where Jesus washed his disciples’ feet. This was a way He served them because this was a task usually left to the lowest servant. The disciples were surprised by His actions because they thought He was actually going to establish an earthly kingdom and rule over Israel and were thinking He was going to behave as a king does. They didn’t understand what was going to happen.

In the contemporary realm, people usually think of leaders as being far above them, not having a relationship with them, and not having any input into what the leader is trying to accomplish. Servant leaders are not leaders who are far above the people they are leading. I have seen many times, with servant leaders, that they share the credit for their successes with the people they are leading. If credit for the successes is shared, the people who are being led have more of a stake in what is being done and will be more likely to assist the servant leader.

Now, what does that have to do with writing? Well, ever since I’ve gotten back into writing in a big way, I have met a lot of people who are further along in their writing careers. They’ve had things published and are known in the writing world. You would think, because they are known, that they’ve forgotten where they’ve come from and think they are above everyone else.

Now, I can’t say this unilaterally of all people in the profession, of course. For the writers I’ve met though, they have all, to a fault, been generous with their time and words of wisdom. As I’ve said before, writers have a sense of community, and I think, a sense of servant leadership.

Until next time, be real!