There are days when everything goes right, and most of the list gets accomplished. The family is happy, writing gets done, and bills get paid. And then there are days like today–the day after the time change, and we have sprung forward an hour.  After yesterday, and everything we had to do, we are all exhausted. The day included church and then spending most of the day on the baseball field as one son had a baseball practice, and the other had a game. We are taking it easy today so we can recover. I really wish the time would stay one way all year. I think it would be helpful for all of us.

But, of course, even through exhaustion, there are still some things that are important. And that means keeping up with the writing whenever possible. It is very easy to get discouraged especially when you see news, as I saw earlier, that E.L. James, the writer of Fifty Shades of Grey, is going to be publishing a writing guide. Some of you very well might have bought her books and have them sitting on your bookshelf, and the rest of you might be thinking those books are terrible examples of writing, and you’ll never get close to them. I fit in the second category. Whichever way you think, there is one thing you can’t argue with. She has sold millions of copies, and I’m sure all of us who are writers would like to be in her league.

There is something important we need to remember though. Each of us has our own story to tell, singularly unique and belonging to us. No one else can tell your story. It might never sell as many copies as E.L. James has, but it is your story and important for you to tell.

I like what Chuck Wendig had to say in his blog earlier. “Keep writing. Eyes forward. The popular kids are always gonna do what the popular kids are always gonna do. It’s a big world. Lots of readers. An infinite Internet. Keep writing.”  Thanks Chuck!


Until next time, be real!