When I first heard that Pyr Books would be publishing a book by Allen Steele, I was very excited. A few years back, I had read all of his Coyote books, and he had become one of my favorite authors. I finally was able to get his most recent book a few weeks back and have just finished reading it.

Apollo’s Outcasts is another slam dunk for this author. It begins with Jamey Barlowe, the main male character, and his sister being sent to the Moon, along with five other kids, after a political uprising in the United States. One of the other kids has a secret which is revealed once they get to the Moon, and the book follows Jamey’s adventures as he becomes adjusted to a new way of life.

I think the author does a good job of getting inside the head of a sixteen year old boy. As I have a sixteen year old boy myself, I know a little bit of what I’m talking about. 🙂  The parts of wanting to appear grown up to the people around him, but still being scared of what is happening back on Earth, make the book engaging for its intended audience. In fact, I have recommended this book to my son for these very reasons.

I also think the science in the book is well researched, but still understandable to the layperson. In fact, if we, as a society, would get serious about funding space exploration, I could easily see  a place like Apollo actually being developed.

This book gets five stars from me, and I can recommend it for its intended audience as well as those who are older.