Time for another installment of Blogging from the Ballpark.

As I sit here waiting for the game to start all bundled up in my winter coat, hat, gloves, and blanket, I’m struck by another thing that’s necessary for these boys who play baseball. And that thing would be dedication. When we arrived here, the temperature was sitting at 40 degrees with the anticipation that it would get colder as the night went on. Yes, it is that cold, and I am very glad I brought everything I needed to try to stay warm.

The boys though couldn’t have all those items, well, because they would interfere with actually playing the game. So, to come out and play during weather like this, the boys would need to have dedication. It has been a colder winter here in Alabama than most are used to. The days have been interspersed with temperatures approaching what the norms are for this time of year, but there have been several days we have had temperatures resembling what I remember when we lived further north than we do now. I appreciate these boys’ dedication and hard work and will keep these thoughts in mind when I’m sitting down to work on my writing because while writing can be hard, it usually isn’t done while sitting in freezing weather.

May all of you who write have a productive day with the words.

Until next time, be real!