My time at the ballpark should have begun yesterday, but it didn’t because practice was cancelled due to the rainy weather we were having. I haven’t been there before now because my husband was the one taking our older son to practice, but since our younger son has now begun practice, a second driver has become necessary since it is impossible for one person to be two places at once. Or, it would be possible if we had a personal transporter. 🙂  Since it doesn’t exist yet though, I was going to be taking the younger boy to practice.

That all changed when it started pouring a few hours before practice started. With that, everything was cancelled, and we went back to a waiting game. During this time of year, it rains a lot where we live, and you have to get the practices in when you can. It can get frustrating when you want the weather to be decent and get the things accomplished you want to get accomplished. However, that wasn’t the case yesterday evening. I see this as being very similar to writing because of the submission process.  Once you have submitted your novel or your short story or your article, there is a time of waiting involved. The waiting should be over on Sunday though since we are expected to have good weather for the first game of the season.

Until next time, be real!