So, why should we write then, if every possible thing that could be said has already been said? I think the answer to that is said well with this quote by Paul Horgan.

“Everything has been said, but not everything has been said superbly, and even if it had been, everything must be said freshly, over and over.”

As human beings, it takes us awhile to get things. If you think about it, it’s obvious. For those of you who have children, how many times have you disciplined them for the same offense? Until they learn not to do it, it’s important to be consistent.

This can relate to writing too. We like to read about the familiar, things we remember from our childhood, exciting adventures that can take us to another place. What makes writing exciting though is you can bring your own twist to the familiar adventure which makes it brand new.

In closing, the next time you think your story is not important because it’s similar to something that has already been said, remember that you are placing your own unique twist on the story, and in that regard, making it your own.

Until next time, be real!