Have you ever sat in a mall and people watched? There are so many different kinds of people, people who look differently, people who dress differently, and people who act differently. I’ve often wondered about the circumstances in their lives that brought them to the place where I could see them. This also helps me with picturing my characters in my mind. I can take the hair and body type of one person and combine it with the self-assured attitude of another, and I have my main female character.  I can also see the young man with a crew cut and a straight up and down posture and imagine that he had been in the military at some point. Then I have my main male character. This can work with any character even the ones who make small appearances in your novel. Actually, I find those the most fun because I can pick the most flamboyantly dressed person or the one who seems to have the most energy and imagine them as sidekicks for my main characters. So, if you get stuck on creating the characters for your novel, may I suggest people watching in your local mall.


Until next time, be real!