I have found recently that a lot of people are worried about what’s going to happen in the future. I think it happens a lot when people are in their 40’s as I am and are about to launch their teenage children into the world. Some of these people also have concerns about older family members and what happens when it’s time to take care of them or even when they themselves are in need of some type of care.

In my opinion though, it doesn’t do any kind of good to worry about the future. Enjoy the people around you now, enjoy the chance to share your writing (if you have that chance) now, and just enjoy having the ability to write. Why do I say this on a rainy February morning? It’s been a month since a friend of mine from college died. He was only 44. We had only recently reconnected on Facebook, and from what I could tell, he did enjoy life to the fullest and enjoyed all the moments he spent with his wife and children.  If you think about it, that is something to aspire to–living your life so there are no regrets.

I hope everyone can enjoy the moments in their lives on this rainy February morning.

Until next time, be real!