This can be a challenge under the best circumstances. Not that I have had any personal experience, but I would think that a professional swimmer who is in peak physical condition would have a problem swimming against the tide. So, if an athlete has problems swimming upstream, I think the rest of us ordinary people would have problems doing it too.  Now, what does that have to do with writing? A lot of people don’t understand a writer’s calling–don’t understand the need to sit at a desk and put words together in a way that tells the best story whether it is fiction or non-fiction. There are many things now that can distract us–from our ordinary lives to our jobs to the Internet– things that can be an excuse not to pursue the writing craft. I think author Ron Carlson states this well.

“The world is addictive. It wants us away from the desk, and a writer is a person who likes her work so much, that she’s going to go get it. You’ve got to go upstream. It’s against the tide to get this kind of work done.”

Distractions can be powerful though, and it’s a constant challenge to work through them–one I have to work on every day.

Until next time, be real!