It’s another Monday and another week, and I’m beginning the week with a book review. For some reason, I read Kindle books faster than I read physical books. I don’t know why that is, it just is.

Now, onto the book. The title is The Y Factor and is the second book in The Cresperian Saga by Darrell Bain and Stephanie Osborn. I don’t think I suffered going out-of-order this time because this book did such a good job of referring to the events of the first book. In fact, I don’t think you need to read the first book to be able to understand what is going on. This is a fantastic book! The Cresperians, or the Crispies as they are called by the humans who come in contact with them, are aliens who have been marooned on Earth. Their life pods landed in many locations around the globe, and the book focuses on the ones who are in the United States. These aliens are able to offer many advances to space technology, and space ships are being built-in a rapid fashion. About midway through the book, the main female character, who is a geneticist, leaves Earth on one of the ships, and they head out after another ship with the mission of both ships being exploration and to find Cresperia. Of course, things do not go as planned, and many adventures ensue.

I liked that the book followed one point of view mainly and how events affected this person though you could make the argument that the book would feel more complete if you knew about other things that were going on. But, I think that’s just a matter of preference and doesn’t take away from how good the book is. I’m working on the third book now and will probably have a review up fairly shortly.

Until next time, be real!