I like this title because even though you might have to do something over and over, each time  you get a little better at it even if the world still considers it a failure. Unfortunately, this is something that is not taught in our society today. People think they have to succeed at something the first time to be considered worthwhile– i. e. the tendency to give every child a trophy even though they haven’t earned it. Last year, my older son played for a rec baseball team. They only won one game, but I consider that one of the most valuable experiences he has ever had, and the men who coached the team treated it the same way.

Here’s a quote on failure by Thomas Edison:

“I didn’t fail one thousand times. The lightbulb was an invention with one thousand steps.”

I think I”m going to print that out and put it up on my wall as a reminder. Anything worth doing right is worth failing at first.

Until next time, be real!