Why do we always let our dreams come last? Is it because of the busyness of life? Is it because of the obligations we have whether it be job, family, friends, (insert whatever other things might be important)? Or is it the guilt that others make us feel because we are following our dreams? If their needs/wants aren’t being provided for, then we aren’t supposed to do what we need or want.

I believe there needs to be a balance. If a person who wants to write is not given the time to do so, their imagination, their will to write stagnates, and it becomes just that much harder to find words.  That being said, how do you find that balance? What I’m trying to do, and not always succeeding, is to carve out time each day to write where I turn off my phone and tell my family that I don’t want to be disturbed. Working on learning how to do that without guilt.

I read a friend of mine’s blog earlier, and she had the perfect quote that reflected how I felt about it.  (Thanks MarinaSofia)

“So this blog was my little stake of selfishness that I drove into the permafrost of obligation and strict scheduling that my life had become.”

I guess that’s what I need to learn. That it’s okay to be selfish for me.


Until next time, be real!