I thought this was an excellent book! It continues the series begun in The Greyfriar nicely. A few months have passed since the end of events in The Greyfriar. It is almost time for Adele’s marriage to Senator Clark although she keeps trying to put it off because she doesn’t want to marry him. Finally, though, the wedding is scheduled, and she is going through with it. However, the wedding is interrupted, and she leaves which starts the events of the book.

Adele’s development as a strong female character continues to be done well, and I liked it when she asserted herself as empress and left no doubt that she was the one in charge. I also liked that even though she is strong, she still needs others to be around her supporting and encouraging her.

The Greyfriar fulfills this role well encouraging her when she needs it and letting her do what she needs to do though his instinct to protect her is very strong.

The final book to this series promises to be quite good, and I can’t wait until I can find it so I can read it. Nice job!

Until next time be real!