For a writing blog, you’re probably bewildered as to my choice of subject. I have a reason for that. A little while ago, I found out that someone I went to college with was killed in a car accident this morning. He was younger than me, and I have already ready many many expressions of sympathy on his wife’s Facebook page which is also a testimony to what kind of influence he had in this life. He took chances and risks and was an influence probably beyond his wildest dreams.

When I’m thinking of where I want to go this year and in the years beyond, I want to be that kind of person. The person who takes chances and risks. That being said, my goal for this year is to put my writing out there in some fashion or form. I know I’m already doing that with this blog, but what I also want to start doing is submitting my writing to different places either for contests or for consideration to be published. I know taking those kind of risks is the only way for me to get better with my writing. Thanks to all who have supported me, and I only look for better things to come in the year ahead. 

Until next time, be real!