I have heard this from many writers who are more successful in this field than I am. They are always open to learning more about their craft, more about why it is they write and how to do the best job of crafting their words.

This makes sense to me. While there are things we do outgrow, I think it is important to keep an open mind to new ways of doing things. There are so many people I have learned from already I wouldn’t remember all of their names if I tried to write them. I know though that I’m a different person now because they decided to be generous with their time and help other people learn and because I was willing to listen to them.

I wish everyone else would have the same mindset my writer friends have and be willing to grow and learn. It amazes me when I hear someone say, “Well, I’ve always done it that way so I don’t need to change.”  What if the different way is better and you can get more out of it?  What if you can grow as a person and not stay stagnant?  That is my goal for 2013, to never stop growing, to never stop learning.

Until next time, be real!