I saw a tweet from one of my friends on Twitter yesterday that got me started thinking about this topic. This is a paraphrase of what she said. Essentially, she was wishing she could go into the future and see if anyone would be interested in reading what she was writing about or if what she was writing about was complete garbage. I told her that maybe no one would be interested, but how would she know unless she tried.

I want to take that one step further today. Your story is important even if no one else wants to read it!! Why do I say that? I say it because it’s your story whether you are writing about something that’s happened in your own life or writing a story that’s clearly fiction. It’s a story that’s in your heart and one that you have thought about. Now, ย of course, you have a choice about your story. It can stay inside and never be written down on paper, or you can write it down on paper. Once you have it written down, there are more choices you can make with said story. It can stay in a drawer and never be read by anyone else; you can let people close to you read it; or you can edit it and improve it enough to where you might decide to seek publication with it. Ah, publication. I think, for most writers, that is the ultimate goal. I know it is a goal of mine. But, I also know that I won’t stop writing even if I never get published because I believe my stories are important, and I hope you believe that too.

Until next time, be real!